A community with ties to the past and paving a road to the future

Emergency Services

These are the numbers that we hope we never have to call, but we all know that we will experience unfortunate events from time to time. 

If an unfortunate event happens to you while you are living in Lena, or even just visiting, you can be assured that we have top rate first responders that will be able to professionally handle your emergency.

Lena would like to thank our first responders for all of the sacrifices that they make and their selfless contributions to making Lena a safe community.

If you are in an emergency situation dial 911

Lena Police Department

122 East Main Street

Phone: 815-369-2234 (non-emergency)

Fax: 815-369-4173

Emergency: 911

Lena Volunteer Fire Department

405 West Railroad

PO Box 406

Phone: 815-369-2715 (non-emergency)


Emergency:  911

Leamon's Ambulance Service                                                                                           

Leamon’s Ambulance Service

210 W. Main Street

PO Box 226

Phone: 815-369-4512 (non-emergency)



Emergency: 911