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Both publicly and privately operated, most of these Lena’s services have local contacts for efficient interactions between you and your service provider.


The Village of Lena supplies water services.

Questions about water call 815-369-4016


Storage capacity: 550,000

Treatment capacity:  800 gallons a minute

Average daily demand:280,000

Peak daily demand:  320,000

Excess Capacity:  270,000

Rates:  $16.20 minimum, 26 cents per hundred after

Nicor Gas

Natural Gas Provider

Phone: 888-642-6748




The Village of Lena supplies waste water services

Questions about Waste water call 815-369-4016


Treatment capacity:  600,000 gallons a day

Present load:  280,000

Excess capacity:320,000

Rates:  $13 minimum, 55 cents per hundred after


CommonWealth Edison (ComEd)

Electric distributor/supplier

Phone: 800-334-7661

How to contact ComEd


Lena Electrical Aggregation Program

The Village of Lena has partnered with Rock River Energy Services to ensure that our electrical aggregation program meets all required standards.  If you are interested in the Lena Electrical Aggregation Program and would like to speak to a professional you can phone Rock River Energy Services.

Phone: 815-732-4603