A community with ties to the past and paving a road to the future

Work Force

Lena is home to a motivated, educated and energetic workforce ready for job placement, skill development and primed for career advancement.  Our stable workforce has helped in the success of local and regional business and industry for generations.  The strong work ethic of Lena’s residents begins at the high school level.  The Le-Win School District’s “Certificate of Employability” program is well known for providing outstanding education and work ethic training for each new generation graduating into the region’s workforce. Many of these graduates choose to continue their education close to home so they can work and be with family.  Lena is a community with strong family ties, spiritual values and an ethical commitment to maintaining our quality of life.  The residents of Lena are ready to be a part of your workforce and help your company grow in our community.

Estimated Labor Force

Lena has an estimated 1,337 residents in our labor force age 16 and over.

Median Household Income


Median Family Income



Employment Characteristics

Population 16 years and over In Civilian Labor Force:         1,337

Employed:                                            1,257

Unemployed:                                       80

Mean Travel Time to Work:         23.6 minutes

The 2012 Le-Win High School Graduation rate was 95%.  Of the number of students moving on to higher education:

45% of the students applied to a 2-year or technical school

37% applying to a 4-year school

13% joining the military.


Workforce Development Programs


Lena-Winslow School District "Certificate of Employability"

The Le-Win School District takes a serious approach work force preparation .  The Counseling department at Le-Win manages the “Certificate of Employability” program which sets standards for employability as recommended by local business and industry.  Students wishing to receive the school endorsement need to meet certain criteria in three categories: academic, attendance and attitude.  These criteria were developed in cooperation with local businesses in Stephenson County to ensure that the most sought after qualifications for a local workforce were included in the program.  The goal of the program is to create a strong, dependable workforce for area business and industry.  Le-Win High School goes one step further in working with graduates to obtain the "National Career Readiness Certificate". The NCRC is recognized as the most effective strategy for certifying workplace skills and predicting workplace success.


Work Keys

Highland Community College, located in nearby Freeport,  administers the “WorkKeys” Skills Assessment program.   The WorkKeys Assessment  is a comprehensive system for measuring and improving the common skills required for success in the workplace. The WorkKeys System deals with the foundation skills required by all jobs, such as reading, mathematics, locating information and teamwork. It allows these skills to be quantitatively assessed in both individual persons and in actual jobs. In this way, WorkKeys helps to Hire the Right Person, for the Right Job, the First Time!


Stephenson County Leadership Institute

For those already in the professional field who want to advance, or those looking to be a local leader, the Stephenson County Leadership institute offers “Leadership Programs”.  These Leadership Development programs are committed to developing local leaders who demonstrate leadership and collaboration skills and are committed to building and improving local organizations and communities.  The 9 month program seeks men and women from a wide range of community and career interests wishing to further their careers and create a network of knowledgeable community leaders.