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Light Industry in Lena

The Village of Lena is home to a number of light industrial businesses that have taken advantage of our easy access to multiple U.S. and IL highways connecting Lena to the rest of the country.  Receiving and distribution are key elements to the success of these businesses and Lena's location has proven to be both reliable and advantageous.  Light industry in Lena is also supported through business development assistance through the Village of Lena and Lena Economic Development Corporation. Companies seeking to relocate or expand will find Lena's ready for development commercially zoned light industrial area business friendly atmosphere and access to support services invaluable.

Available Property

Lena currently has properties in a commercially zoned area perfect for light industry. 

These lots are utility ready including water and sewer, electric and natural gas as well as multiple options for telecommunications equipment.

Transportation is a key to success in Lena's light industrial area.  The lots are located on IL Route 73 and within a mile of U.S. 20.


Thriving Examples of Industry in Lena

Two examples of light industry currently benefiting from Lena's' location and development friendly atmosphere are "Edler Power Services", a producer of control relays for electrical sub stations and "Assist Natural Products", producer of natural products designed to solve critical problems with poultry producers.

Both industries use Lena's proximity with the nearby highway network to distribute their products throughout the Midwest and are continuing to expand their reach throughout the country.

Support Services

Lena also offers a variety of local services ready to meet your specific needs such as: Accounting, insurance, banks, printing services, attorneys, real estate agents, architects, day care providers, health care services, senior and special needs services, and more.  for more information visit the Lena Business Directory.