A community with ties to the past and paving a road to the future



Transportation to/from Lena


    Nearest Interstate

    U.S. Highway 20 lies one mile to the South of Lena

    Nearest 4-Lane Highway

    U.S. Highway 20 becomes a 4 lane highway about 10 miles to the east of Lena and about 40 miles to the west.

    Other Highways

    Lena is located on Illinois Route 73

    IL Route 26 is 12 miles east of Lena

    IL Route 78 is 10 miles west of Lena

    U.S. Route 52/IL Route 64 is 19 miles south of Lena

    Interstate 51 is 48 miles east of Lena

    Interstate 88 is 52 miles south of Lena




    Nearest General Aviation Airport

    Albertus Airport is 18 miles east of Lena.  It offers one hard surface runway and is large enough to handle any corporate jet.

    Nearest Commercial Airport 

    Chicago/Rockford International Airport.  RFD.  Is 44 miles east of Lena.




    Rail Served

    Canadian National

    Rail Spur

    One located in Lena

    Service Type


    Additional Service

    Amtrak is scheduled to run through Lena beginning in 2015.