A community with ties to the past and paving a road to the future

Community Profile

With a population of roughly 2,900 people, Lena is a clean, safe and self sufficient community offering all of the amenities needed to provide the great quality of life that our residents deserve.  Because of Lena’s unique proximity to major highways and metropolitan areas we are able to provide the best of both worlds to our residents.  We offer a wholesome, small town atmosphere that provides the essentials for either a growing healthy family or those entering retirement to settle in and prosper as well as access to larger cities providing amenities that normally wouldn't be found in a smaller home town community.  Lena’s easy access to Rockford, Monroe, Madison, The Quad Cities, Thomson, Fulton, Sterling and more makes it the perfect community to keep your peace of mind while providing easy access to the busier aspects of our lives.


Aero Group Inc. - IT solutions for business: 815-233-3387

DIRECTV: 1-855-463-7359

Frontier Communications - Internet/phone:  855-458-3521

Jcwifi - internet:  1-866-620-3725

MediaCom - cable/phone/internet: 800-322-0245

Sand Prairie Wireless - internet: 800-858-5522

T6 - Internet: 1-866-597-2381

ViaSat Inc. - satellite internet:  855-627-2553              

High Speed Fiber

Lena is part of the iFiber network, a high speed (1 Gbps) fiber optic transport network which serves the public and private sectors of North West Illinois

Emergency Services - For an emergency dial 911

Ambulance: 815-369-4512

Fire: 815-369-2715

Police: 815-369-2234


Water/Waste Water (Managed by the Village of Lena): 815-369-4016 

Nicor Gas: 888-642-6748

ComEd Electric: 800-334-7661

Lena also offers a variety of local services providing services for Lena and north west Illinois ready to meet your specific needs such as: Accounting, insurance, day care providers, health care services, real estate agents, banks, attorneys, printing services, senior and special needs services, architects and more.  The Lena Business Directory can be found here.


The Lena-Winslow School District

Known for its high quality education, the Lena-Winslow School District has a reputation for strong academics, superior fine arts and competitive athletics.  With a 1:12 teacher-to-student ratio Le-Win is able to give students the focus and attention they need for a comprehensive education.  The elementary, junior high and high school are all conveniently located on the same campus.

More information on the school district can be found here, or



Houses of Worship

Lena offers a wide variety of opportunities to worship with others who share your faith.  Our diversity is a result of the rich history of Lena and our location as a crossroads and destination throughout the years.  Our local houses of worship are very involved with Lena’s community development and take part in maintaining the quality of life that all of Lena’s residents enjoy.

More information on Lena's houses of worship can be found here.

The Lena Community Park District

The LCPD offers 4 local community parks, 3 baseball diamonds with batting cages, tennis courts, basketball courts, horse shoe pits, a swimming pool, shelter houses for events, multiple playground facilities as well as attractions just outside the Village limits.  In addition to this the LCPD offers a versatile summer activities program dedicated to both youth and adult activities. 

More information on the LCPD can be found here, or www.lenaparks.org

Local Medical Branches

Lena is home to two medical branches, Freeport Health Network and Monroe Clinic, both affiliated with larger hospitals within 30 minutes of Lena.  Along with the senior services located in Lena and our local ambulance service these medical branches provide a security of access to medical care for both residents of Lena and the area beyond.

For more information on Freeport Health Network and Monroe Clinic visit their web sites at



The Lena Community District Library

The Lena Community District Library’s mission is to provide access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational library material and services in a variety of formats and technologies.  The library offers programs such as the Summer Reading program, After School Program, Story Hour and more.  More information on the Lena Community District Library can be found here.

Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park

Lena’s namesake State Park is located just 2.5 miles north of the Village.  Le-Aqua-Na offers hiking trails, camping, fishing, swimming, beaches, boating, cross-country skiing, horse back riding trails as well as areas for picnicking, sledding and ice skating in the winter. 

More information on Lake Le-Aqua-Na can be found here, or http://dnr.state.il.us

Recreational Activities

Lena offers a wide range of recreation and activities for everyone from the hunting enthusiast to roller skating parties for the family.  Hunting, fishing, skating, bowling, pool leagues, golf, hiking and camping are just a few of the options available for residents and visitors alike.  More information on Lena's recreational activities can be found here.

Community Wide Events

Lena’s Community Organizations, Churches and non-profit groups offer a number of community wide events that take place throughout the year to serve and entertain residents of Lena and visitors alike.  Visitors from Eastern Iowa, Wisconsin, Thomson, the Quad Cities and the rest of north west Illinois enjoy the amazing events that Lena has to offer.  For more information on Lena events check out the events calendar here.


Estimated Median House or condo value in 2011: $105,931 (Illinois = $178,500)

Median gross rent in 2011: $515

You can find out more about Lena's real estate opportunities by contacting one of our local realtors from the business directory.

Child/Senior Care

Lena is home to a variety of options for child and senior care from which to choose.  Services in Lena focus on personal attention, education activities and plenty of socialization.  Visit Lena's business directory for contact information.

Community Organizations

Lena is home to a long list of active community organizations serving the community in a variety of ways.  The Lena Lions Club, American Legion,  4-H, Boy and Girl Scouts and Masonic Lodge are just a few of the groups in Lena making our community a better place to live. 

More information on Lena's community groups can be found here.

Youth and Adult Sports Leagues and Activities

In addition to the many recreational activities and school sports available in Lena there is also a variety of seasonal sports and group leagues available for both adults and youth.  Choose activities organized by the Lena Community Park District, the Lena Sports Association, The Hangout (Lena’s youth activity center) or visit Lena’s local pool hall, bowling alley or one of our golf courses to find out about seasonal leagues organized in those locations.

Living in Lena

For Lena Tax information, cost of living and other economic data visit our demographics page here.



Average winter temperature (January):  28 (record low -28, 1985)

Average summer temperature (July):      82 (record high 99, 1989)

Average Snowfall:  32.7 inches

Average Rainfall:   34.8 inches